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DeKalb County Schools - Department of Transportation

Welcome to Transportation. Thanks for visiting our site!
The staff of the Department of Transportation for the DeKalb County School System welcomes you to our web site! We hope you will find our site a valuable source of information regarding student transportation. Feel free to add this page to your browser's "bookmarks" or "favorites" and please visit here often.

We're Helping To Deliver The Future...
The Department of Transportation defends the educational day by providing safe, professional and efficient transportation to eligible students to all approved activities. This includes travel to and from school, educational field trips, and other qualifying activities such as athletic events and competitions.

The task isn't easy. Every school day our buses drive over 56,000 miles (roughly enough to circle the earth two times) and transport nearly 65,000 students. Over the course of a school year, our fleet of buses travels a staggering 10 million miles! To put this number in perspective, those are enough miles for a bus to travel to the moon and back... 20 times!

The Department of Transportation has over 1,000 employees, including more than 885 fully-qualified drivers and substitutes. Each driver must possess a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) before they can drive our buses.

While Being More Responsive.
In an attempt to be more responsive to the needs of parents and students, we have transportation district offices located throughout the county. There are transportation district offices serving each high school (along with its feeder middle and elementary schools.)

Your Transportation District Manager should be your first point of contact for questions or problems involving Regular transportation. (This does not include Special Education, School Choice transportation.)
Locate your Transportation District Manager

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