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DeKalb Exceptional Education Student Records
Special Education Records May Be Requested From
DeKalb County School System
Exceptional Education and Support Services
East DeKalb Campus
5839 Memorial Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
678-676-1802 (main line) 678-676-2027 (fax)
How can a copy of my childís special education record be obtained?
All requests for special education records must be processed through the East DeKalb Campus, Special Education Records office.
To receive a copy of the studentís record, a written request with the signature of the parent(s), legal guardian(s), or student (18 years or older) is needed to release records. A trained surrogate parent, assigned by the Special Education Department may also sign the request. The request should include the address and phone number of the person requesting the record. The request should be forwarded to the Special Education Records Office by mail or fax.
Note: Proof of identification is required with all requests for student records.
Is there a charge to obtain a copy of the records on file?
Parent(s), legal guardian (s), the student (18 years or older) or a trained surrogate parent assigned by the Special Education Department may obtain a copy of the studentís record at no cost.
Who has the authority to sign the ďAuthorization to ReleaseĒ form?
Parent(s), legal guardian(s), the student (18 years or older) or a trained surrogate parent assigned by the Special Education Department may sign the ďAuthorization to ReleaseĒ form.
What records are included in the studentís special education file?
Any and all records collected, maintained and/or used in providing a free appropriate public education. This typically includes the IEP, eligibility report(s), and assessment information if applicable.
How long is a special education studentís record maintained?
Special education records are maintained until the records are no longer needed for educational planning purposes (i.e., student graduates with a high school diploma, reaches maximum age, etc.) and are destroyed in accordance with FERPA and IDEA procedures.
How soon after the request is made will the records be available?
Requests for records are usually processed within a week.
Special Note: Signed informed parental/guardian consent is not required prior to disclosure of student records/information to anyone of the following:
  1. To parent(s)/guardian(s) or eligible students;

  2. Other school officials, including teachers within the LSS or legally constituted cooperating agencies, e.g., Psychoeducational Programs, Regional Education Service Agencies (RESAs) or shared services, when access has legitimate educational purposes;

  3. In connection with a studentís application for or receipt offinancial aid;

  4. With the written approval of the local school superintendent, to organizations conducting a study on behalf of an education agency to develop, validate or administer predictive tests, to administer student aid or to improve instruction. Information will be available only to those conducting the study with all personally-identifiable data destroyed when they are no longer needed for the purpose of the study;

  5. To accreditation agencies;

  6. In compliance with a judicial order;

  7. To authorized state or federal representatives evaluating or auditingfederally supported educational programs;

  8. To the Office of Civil Rights;

  9. To officials of other schools or school systems in which the studentseeks or is eligible to enroll, upon condition that the studentísparent(s)/ guardian(s) be notified of the transfer, receive a copy ofthe record if desired and have an opportunity for a hearing to challengethe content of the record;

  10. To a Department of Human Resources (DHR), Department of Corrections (DOC), Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), and Department of Labor (DOL) for the purpose of making appropriate education decisions.

  11. For any use or purpose other than meeting a requirement under thispart.
Directions to: Support Services, Special Education Records Office
Take I-285 to Exit 41 (Memorial Drive), as you exit the interstate ramp turn EAST towards Stone Mountain, Georgia. Continue on Memorial Drive for approximately 4 miles. The DeKalb County School System, East DeKalb Campus Complex will be on your right. Pass the complex and turn right at the light onto Lauren Parkway. Come to the second driveway on the right and turn right into the complex. The Special Education Records Office will be on your left, in Suite 5867, across from the fenced area.


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