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Avondale Middle
3131 Old Rockbridge Road
Avondale Estates, 30002
678-875-0100 (Information)
678-875-0102 (Office)
678-875-0110 (Fax)
678-875-0111 (Attendance)
678-875-0126 (Counselor)
678-875-0151 (PTA Voice Mail)
Principal: Bernetta Jones
Grades: 6th - 8th
Enrollment: 570
Community Information: Morning Bus Routes
School Calendar
Board Members: Ms. Donna Edler
Dr. Eugene Walker
PTA Presidents: Alicia Thomas
Business Partners: Turner Construction Company
School Website: http://www.dekalb.k12.ga.us/avondalems/
Avondale Middle School encourages intellectual curiosity, student responsibility, respect for self and others, and is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. We incorporate innovative teaching strategies and techniques, as well as high standards in our curriculum, so that our children strive for excellence.
The mission of Avondale Middle School is to create a learning environment that reaches all children.
Avondale Middle School holds as its core set of beliefs the notions that:
  • All students will learn and master the content appropriate for their grade level.
  • Parent/school communication and cooperation is the driving force behind creating an effective school program and climate.
  • The presence of high expectations within the school community can promote all students to overcome any obstacle to their growth.
  • Avondale Middle School has fostered a true partnership with the local community and its programs, and every afternoon one can find from 10 to 30 neighbors using our track and tennis facilities.
  • Avondale Middle works with the orthopedically-impaired program to offer after-school activities (soccer, floor hockey, basketball, track and field).
  • Our students benefit from system-wide opportunities such as hosting the DeKalb County Social Studies Fair.
  • A volunteer from Sports Illustrated Magazine has recently worked with our students to create a student-run publication.
  • Our Teacher-of-the-Year is Mrs. Zanza Hunter.

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