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Shadow Rock Center
1040 Kingway Drive
Lithonia, Georgia 30058-6114
678-676-4000 (Information)
678-676-4002 (Office)
678-676-4007 (Clinic)
678-676-4010 (Fax)
678-676-4036 (PTA Voice Mail)
Program Director: Virginia Biddle
Principal: Rodney Mallory
Grades: K - 6th
Enrollment: 80
Business Partners:
Board Members: Mr. Tom Bowen
Dr. Pam Speaks
Community Information: School Calendar
School Website: http://www.dekalb.k12.ga.us/shadowrockcs/
Shadow Rock Center serves students who exhibit emotional & behavior problems. Shadow Rock Center is the elementary component of the DeKalb-Rockdale Psychoeducational Program and part of a statewide network of 24 centers. We serve students with severe behavior problems from kindergarten through grade six in DeKalb County, Rockdale County, and City Schools of Decatur.
Our mission is to provide high quality educational programming for Severely Emotionally Disturbed / Severely Behaviorally Disordered students and support for their families with the ultimate goal of returning the students to a less restrictive educational setting.
We are a “school within a school” because we have a physical attachment to a regular elementary school, Shadow Rock Elementary. Each school is administered independently but share the media center and cafeteria. This arrangement offers unique opportunities to test students in the mainstream school population prior to returning them to a less restrictive placement in or near their neighborhood school.
A certified teacher and one or more paraprofessionals staff each classroom. Clinicians work collaboratively with the teachers to provide therapeutic services for the students and their families, and the number of students in each class is limited to eight or less, due to the severity of the behavioral problems. Physical education is provided to all students, and speech, occupational, and physical therapy are provided as needed.
  • Michele E. Jones is Shadow Rock Center's 2005
    Teacher of the Year and the Dekalb County School System Teacher of the Year.

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