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Instructional Data Management System (IDMS)
Start December 20, 2007
Finish TBD
Application Upgrade 100% Complete (Open)
District-wide ASSESS Rollout 100% Complete (Open)
Align Curriculum Loading Rollout 75% Complete (Open)
Align Module Rollout 50% Complete (Open)
PD Planner Rollout 25% Complete (Open)
Project Manager Myra Burden
Sponsor MIS / Instruction
The MIS department, through the division of Instruction, embarked on a new system-wide initiative in support of student achievement through the use of data analysis. A new software solution, SchoolNet, was approved by the Board of Education on December 20, 2007 as the Instructional Data Management System (IDMS) for the district. Implementation of this project will occur through the 2008 calendar year with district-wide go-live targeted for January, 2009.

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